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Ben has produced, performed on, co-written, recorded and mixed tracks that have been featured on television, streaming video services, award-winning independent films, radio, streaming music services, nationally distributed CDs and DVDs, and on the Internet. He began his journey into audio and music production as a musician and soon realized that his musical ear and attention to detail were assets that helped guide creative projects from the point of conception to realization. Regardless of the type of project, Ben brings clear communication, an easy style and impeccable standards to the table. Ben describes his style of production as "collaborative".

"It's important to know what ingredients are needed to breathe life into a project and give it a life of it's own. I'm not a 'one-man-band' and I find my greatest pleasure and satisfaction in being surrounded by creativity and talent. When I'm asked to produce a project, my first goal is finding out exactly what my client's needs are and then following through and exceeding their expectations."



Ben relies on his experience and strong technical background to create an environment and workspace that is relaxed, inspiring and as invisible to the process as possible. Efficiency, creativity and productivity are the signature tools of his trade. He draws from many diverse influences and has an appreciation for all styles of audio and music production.

From co-writing and arranging, to project planning and pre-production, to the choice of studio(s) and equipment, to referring additional talent, all the way to delivery of the final product, Ben can work with you to help make your vision become a reality.

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